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Computar dL 2.8/30 Enlarging Lens


John Jovic

The Computar dL 30mm F2.8 enlarger or enlarging lens is described below.

Computar dL brochures
The Burleigh Brooks Optics Inc. brochure for the Computar dL line of enlarger or enlarging lenses is partially reproduced below (see full brochure here Computar dL Enlarging Lenses). It shows the specifications for the Computar dL 2.8/25 which was planned to be manufactured but was immediately replaced with the Computar dL 2.8/30 as the 25mm focal length was found to be too wide for practical use. The number of Computar dL 2.8/25 lenses actually manufactured is not known whilst the Computar dL 2.8/30 was readily available and sold for several years.

  Burleigh Brooks Optics Inc. Computar brochure published 1977[1]  

This pamphlet from KYVYX Corp. (see full pamphlet here Computar dL Enlarging Lenses) also explains the demise of the Computar dL 2.8/25 (described in the original 24 page BBOI brochure) and lists the technical details of the Computar dL 2.8/30 instead.


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[1] Burleigh Brooks Optics Inc., Computar, (New Jersey, Burleigh Brooks Optics Inc., 1977)


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