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Komuranon-S 5.6/150 Enlarging Lens


John Jovic

The Komuranon-S 150mm F5.6 enlarging or enlarger lens is pictured below.



There are presently no official specifications for the Komuranon-S 5.6/150 that can be referenced. The information shown below is based on that supplied by the owner of the above sample of the Komuranon-S 5.6/150. The data for the Komuranon-E 5.6/150 is shown for comparison as it is likely that it and the Komuranon-S 5.6/150 are the same lens in all physical respects.

Focal Length (mm): 150 150
Maximum aperture (F): 5.6 5.6
Lens construction (elements - groups):    
Angle of coverage:   56
Recommended negative size (mm):    
Minimum aperture (F): 22 22
Designed magnification:    
Useful magnification range:    
Achromatized wavelength range (nm):    
Distortion at basic magnification (%):    
Focal length design value (mm):    
Barrel outer diameter A (front) (mm):    
Flange mount thread size: Leica[1] Leica
Filter size (mm) None[1]  
Barrel outer diameter B (rear) (mm):     
flange focal length (mm):     
Back focal length (mm):     
Distance from flange surface to the
second principal point (mm): 
Principal point spacing (mm):    
Total length (mm):    
Weight (g):    


[1] Anonymous (lens owner and source of images), Email correspondence (March 3, 2015)
[2] "Photographic Lenses", Australian Photography Photo Directory 1975, (1975): 186
[pc] Photo Cornucopia. Measured or personally observed by the Author.


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