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Minolta C.E. Rokkor-X Enlarging Lenses


John Jovic

Minolta 'C.E. Rokkor-X' enlarger or enlarging lenses were sold in the mid 1970's[1]. The range consisted of just three lenses, 2.8/30, 2.8/50 and 5.6/80 lenses.

Other variations of Minolta enlarging lenses are labelled 'C.E. Rokkor' and 'C.E. Lens' where in both cases the lettering is entirely printed in white with none of the lettering printed in orange.


This advertisement was published in Camera and Cine '77, published in 1977.



  The above Specification or Data Sheet was supplied with a Minolta C.E. Rokkor-X enlarging lens.



The information in the above data sheet[2] has been transcribed into the table below.

  C.E. Rokkor-X
F2.8 30mm
C.E. Rokkor-X
F2.8 50mm
C.E. Rokkor-X
F5.6 80mm
Focal Length (mm): 30 50 80
Maximum aperture (F): F2.8 F2.8 F5.6
Lens construction (elements - groups):  5/6 5/6 6-4
Type Variant Gauss Variant Gauss Orthometar
Angle of coverage:      
Recommended negative size (mm): 13x17 24x36 60x70
Minimum aperture (F): F16 F22 F45
Illuminated Aperture Scale Yes Yes Yes
Designed magnification:      
Useful magnification range:      
Achromatized wavelength range (nm):      
Distortion at basic magnification (%):      
Focal length design value (mm):      
Barrel outer diameter (mm): 55 55 55
Flange mount thread size: Leica Leica Leica
Filter size (mm)      
flange focal length (mm):       
Back focal length (mm):       
Total length (mm): 50.4 42 37.8
Weight (g): 130 160 155
Coating: Amber Amber Amber and Magenta

[1] Photoimport (Aust) Pty Ltd, "Cool. Silent. Sharp", Camera and Cine '77 (1977): 224
[2] Minolta Camera Co., Ltd., C.E. Rokkor-X Lenses For Enlargers (Japan, nd)

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